Adsense ready, 3-column theme. Theme is widget ready, fixed width and valid xhtml.

LIVE DEMO | Download Green MX

Lovely 3 column widget ready theme. Adsense ready, fixed width, valid xhtml.

LIVE DEMO | Download FancyWine

Flowery theme based. 3 column, widget ready, fixed width. Adsense ready, rounded corners and valid xhtml.

LIVE DEMO | Download Blues Hydrangea

Blue shades, Adsense ready. 3-columns, fixed width. Built in Adsense units, widget ready. Valid xhtml.

LIVE DEMO | Download Blue Electronics

Dark theme, 3 columns, Adsense ready, Ad ready. This is a fixed width theme, widget ready, valid xhtml.

LIVE DEMO | Download BlackNiteMX

Blue and Gray v1.0

Blue and Gray v1.0, focused with rounded edge content areas. Latest content shown in featured content box and other latest content in two columns. Sidebar contains 3 widgetized areas.

Blue and Gray v1.0



License: You may use this theme free of charge under the conditions that you cannot remove any links from the footer.

Rounded corners, adsense unit, minimal images, valid xhtml and css. Widget ready, fixed width. Left sidebar. Dark, gray, blue.

LIVE DEMO | Download CityBuildingsNite

Adsense ready, 2 columns, fixed width. Unique, widget ready, valid xhtml. Green, silver, white.

LIVE DEMO | Download moneyman

Adsense ready, 3 columns, fixed width, right and left sidebars. White, brown, black. Widget ready and valid xhtml.

LIVE DEMO | Download GuitarStrings

Pretty rounded theme. 2 columns, widget ready, Adsense or other ad ready. Valid xhtml, css and fixed width.

LIVE DEMO | Download ThePlanter

A theme that is perfect for photographers and travelers alike.

LIVE DEMO | Download PhotoBlog

Adsense ready, 3 column, fixed width lovely theme. Pretty flowery, widget ready and valid xhtml. Left and right sidebars.


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