This Wordpress theme is not just any other theme. Carefully built in the spirit of the medieval Illuminated Manuscripts, the theme truly resembles an ancient book.

The header’s position was moved above the sidebar to reinforce the book look-a-like of the “Medieval Book” theme. The image used in the header is a reproduction of a medieval image named “Cleric, Knight and Workman” representing the three classes.
This image was originally published/produced in France, late 13th century.

Combining old with new, Medieval Book uses an automated function and a bit of CSS to embelish the first letter of every post, turning it into an illuminated letter.

Other features:

* 3 columns
* widget ready
* rss ready
* a very, very unique design
* working in all major browsers (even in the very medieval IE6)

LIVE DEMO | Download Medieval Book

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