Free three column Yoga Necessities wordpress theme. adsense ready and widget ready. very nice layout and fully customizable with a left sidebar. Lots of extras and easy navigating from tabs on the top of the page.

* 3 columns
* Tan & White
* Adsense ready
* Valid XHTML and CSS Tested on the following browsers:
IE6, IE7, FireFox 2, Opera and Safari

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Author Yoga Mats

Adsense ready, 3-column theme. Theme is widget ready, fixed width and valid xhtml.

LIVE DEMO | Download Green MX

Lovely 3 column widget ready theme. Adsense ready, fixed width, valid xhtml.

LIVE DEMO | Download FancyWine

Flowery theme based. 3 column, widget ready, fixed width. Adsense ready, rounded corners and valid xhtml.

LIVE DEMO | Download Blues Hydrangea

Blue shades, Adsense ready. 3-columns, fixed width. Built in Adsense units, widget ready. Valid xhtml.

LIVE DEMO | Download Blue Electronics

Dark theme, 3 columns, Adsense ready, Ad ready. This is a fixed width theme, widget ready, valid xhtml.

LIVE DEMO | Download BlackNiteMX

Rounded corners, adsense unit, minimal images, valid xhtml and css. Widget ready, fixed width. Left sidebar. Dark, gray, blue.

LIVE DEMO | Download CityBuildingsNite

Adsense ready, 2 columns, fixed width. Unique, widget ready, valid xhtml. Green, silver, white.

LIVE DEMO | Download moneyman

Adsense ready, 3 columns, fixed width, right and left sidebars. White, brown, black. Widget ready and valid xhtml.

LIVE DEMO | Download GuitarStrings

Pretty rounded theme. 2 columns, widget ready, Adsense or other ad ready. Valid xhtml, css and fixed width.

LIVE DEMO | Download ThePlanter

Three Column Widget Ready Free Premium Real Estate Theme

LIVE DEMO | Download Free Premium Real Estate Theme

This is a funky two column, fixed width festive theme. Colors of orange, yellow, red, widget ready, Adsense units built in.


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